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Here at Rich Phillips Cycles, we specialize in creating comfortable seats for your motorcycles of any make or model. Using the finest materials and handcrafted by leather artisan. Also we offer a wide range of leather wallets, belts, purses and saddle bags.

How Do I Get My Motorcycle Seat Customized?

First, we start with receiving pictures of your current setup via text or email.  Then we discuss your wants and needs.  We can hand tool a design, laser engrave or use special stitching techniques to come up with a totally customer design.  Additionally, we have a wide range of leather hides and other materials to use.

You can send your saddles to the address below:

Rich Phillips Leather

209 Fox Hill Rd. St. Charles, MO 63301

Any Questions About Custom Motorcycle Parts?

Call 314-392-7841 or Contact Us Here.