Spring Solo Motorcycle Seat

Leather:  Top Grain Leather embossed with Oak Leaf design

Pan: 12 Gauge Steel

Size:  10 Inches Wide by 13 Inches Long

Foam:  Premium 3/8" foam, foam upgrade available

Studs:  Rear Spring Studs 7 Inches 

This is a great seat for any custom build, chopper or bobber.  This seat is compatible with the Rich Phillips Leather Sportster Spring Solo Seat Mounting Kit.

This Leather Product has been designed for use on motorcycles.  Its rugged design is enhanced by the use of premier top grain leather.  A natural product, individual leathers display their own unique markings: scars, grain lines, wrinkles and creases that enhance the characteristics of the product. These variations are your assurance of authentic top grain leather.  Leather is porous and organic, each leather product will settle into its own distinct form with use.  This leather product will mature into its own custom shape and style from the sun, rain and time.  This maturing is natural and will enhance the quality of any motorcycle.

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Gel Viscoelastic Foam Upgrade

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