This Fender Eliminator kit will fit all models of R nine T including the scrambler, Urban G/S, and Racer models. It cleans up the tail section and is easy to install!

Now includes load resistors to eliminate signal error code light. Resistors must be mounted to metal surface. Wiring should be secured away from resistors due to fluctuations in temperature.

The BMW R nine T Fender Eliminator integrates the license plate holder, tail light, brake light and rear turn signals into one bright strip light. It includes all hardware and instruction to correctly install this on your BMW R nine T. It is compatible with the stock seat as well as the factory BMW cafe hump. It is also compatible with our Rich Phillips Cycles biker saddles. It drastically cleans up the rear section of your bike and gets rid of the abomination of a tail light that your bike came with. The plastic assembly is made of Kydex, a material used in making high-end tactical gun holsters that amounts to double what cold rolled steel costs. We are proud of this high quality upgrade! It's the most integrated looking tail tidy available for this awesome bike.

Watch this video on how to install the R nine T Fender Eliminator.


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