Snub Nose - Hand Tooled Spring Solo Seat


Pan:  10 wide by 13 inches long, 12 gauge steel

Style:  Snub Nose

Materials:  Top Grain Veggie Tanned Tooling Leather

Foam:  3/8 High density foam 

Color:  Gel Tan, the dye is hand applied and compliments the hand tooling

Stud Spacing:  Rear Spring Studs 7 Inches, Center Rear Studs to Front Nose Stud 7.5 Inches

Seat pan is manufactured in our family shop in Saint Charles Missouri.  Then the owner of Rich Phillips Leather personally hand tools the design on top grain veggie tanned leather.  The leather used for tooling is top of the line and premium leather.  Seat is machine sewn.  The bottom of the pan is even covered in leather.

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