12 volt hot water heater. Great for camper van conversions or overlanding. I reduced the wattage too 200 and added a sight tube to see the water levels. It also now has a thermostat. It takes around 2 hours to heat up 5 gallons too 110 and then it shuts off until it cools back down and then kicks in again. I made an insulating jacket for the bucket as well to keep the heat in longer. Therefore saving energy. The whole kit only draws 17 amps. If your vehicle is running it can easily handle the amperage draw. If you have dual batteries it could maintain the heat overnight without drastic drain on your batteries. The wiring box is a custom item that I made to house the wiring and on/off switch. The thermostat has adjustment to go all the way up too 170 Fahrenheit. I am not the first to make a setup like this, but i haven’t seen one that looks this clean. No exposed terminals and all of the wiring is carefully put in its place. Due to the high cost of premium components it is going to have to cost $395.00. I can take orders immediately. I will have them up on my site soon. This is a great solution that doesn’t require extra propane which can be daunting to house in a small space. Plus it can heat up the water while your driving and doesn’t require any extra batteries. If you have solar you can use the dump circuit to power it. The heating element needs to be submerged in water whenever on to keep from burning up the element. One major advantage to a 12 volt heater is that it wont shock you if something were to go wrong with the electronics. 

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