This is my van life modular shower. It was a life saver to have after a few days motorcycle camping in the wild. It was so nice to get back to my van and take a shower after sweating in a riding jacket on dusty trails.  It drains from the bottom to a hose that routes outside that is able to be plugged back up. The shower folds up very nicely and out of the way when not in use. The base is glued at the bottom to keep from leaking. Kit includes all necessary plumbing and bungs to route the drain outside of the van. The drain bung that goes through the floor of the van includes an expansion plug to fill the drain hole. I have been using this shower myself for a year and it is amazing to have a shower in my van. Pairs wonderfully with our 12 volt hot water heater.  Shower is made of the heaviest truck tarp material at the bottom with glued seams. The upper is made of a waterproof outdoor awning marterial with an extreme duty zipper to get in and out of. The upper poles to expand the shower are made of PVC and they collapse and expand very quickly. It is a great solution for showering to keep the floor plan open in your van build or camper. 

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